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Maria and her husband adopted a Pit Bull mix, Lexie, in 2008 and felt the need to give back tot he shelter that held on to her for 5 1/2 months until they found her. She then started volunteering for that very shelter. As a photographer, I knew she would be an asset in marketing the dogs.

Volunteering at a shelter turned out to be a bit of an addiction for her. She finally felt needed. But at the same time felt more needed to be done. 

Maria and her husband ended up adopting 4 more dogs from that shelter before she moved on to start volunteering her time at other shelters. Each shelter, each dog being helped, taught her something new. 

Before long, Maria and a friend were directly responsible for getting many Pit Bull type dogs adopted out of the shelter and into loving homes.... But that still wasn't enough. 

She started her own Pit Bull rescue group in Hampton Roads, VA with plans to help spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinate, and market Pit Bull type dogs in the rural Isle of Wight County Shelter and beyond. 

BARC has created a network of foster homes to take in dogs from Hampton Roads shelters that need a little extra help finding their forever families. 

BARC does not take in owner surrenders. BARC concentrates on the dogs that need the most; the ones waiting in shelters.

We want to show the community, by example, what wonderful dogs bully breeds can be. 

Although BARC has now passed on to new hands, our goals and vision remain the same. To help those most in need in our local shelters. 

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